Asia Business Law Journal Listing Hung Ou Yang as Taiwan's Top 100 Lawyers

  • News 2020/02/09

Asia Business Law Journal recently released their research result on Taiwan's top 100 lawyers for clients who would like to seek legal services in Taiwan. Brain Trust's Managing Partner, Hung Ou Yang, is honored to be listed as one of Taiwan's top 100 lawyers




According to Asia Business Law Journal, their researchers "sought answers from a large number of professionals, mainly experienced in-house counsel and corporate legal managers. From these recommendations it is possible to derive a portrait of the outstanding Taiwanese lawyers that make up this elite group. They need to be able to comprehend their clients' needs and always give the best practical advice."


Also, the research pointed out, "clients suggest that they not only look for lawyers with an extensive knowledge of the law, but also lawyers who have exceptional communication skills, provide practical and strategic advice, and offer solutions tailored to a challenging business environment." 


Hung Ou Yang's representive matters include advising Amlogic for their regulatory compliance in Taiwan for their IPO in Shanghai, advising Ferrari with regard to trademark infringement, representing Hyundai Steal company for an anti-dumping investigation initiated by CSC regarding carbon steel plate, representing CIC in a civil complaint concerning pesticide-contaminated land leased by RT-Mart, and representing an internationally-renowned schoolar for transnational property litigation both in the U.S. and in Taiwan.


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