How to Do Business in Asia? -- Hung Ou Yang Presentation in 2019 LEGUS Annual Meeting

  • News 2019/06/21


The 2019 LEGUS Annual Meeting was held in Hong Kong, focusing on the topic about what legal issues transnational enterprises should know when doing business in Asia.


The conference moderator is Jonathan Lai of Watanabe Ing from Hawaii. The speakers include Peter Gabriel of Gabriel Law Corporation from Singapore, Hung Ou Yang of Brain Trust International Law Firm from Taipei, Taiwan, and Nonoy Tan of Tan Venturanza Valdez from Philippines.


During this conference, Hung emphaized the importance of how international lawyers and inhouse cousels shall cooperate with each other for solving transnational disputes. First, face-to-face meeting instead of video conferencing usually can avoid unnecessary misunderstanding and facilitate communication.  Also, it is very important to understand the culture differences in Asia and respect local counsels' strategies becauase they know the best practices in the jurisdictions where they are located. 


In addition, Hung explained the recent legal issues international lawyers have to deal with regarding attorney-client privilege after the Constitutional decision made by the German Third Chamber of the Second Senate for Volkswagen's diesel scandle.  In this case, the goverment searched Jones Day and took away its working products in relation to Volkswagen's corporate internal investigation. When some Asian countries adopt similar legal structure like Germany, the transnational enterprises doing businesss in Asia shall pay much more attention to establish a solid attorney-client relationship to avoid the search and seizure with regard to corporate internal investigation. 


Our Managing Attorney Hung Ou Yang attended the 2019 annual meeting of LEGUS in Hong Kong, delievring a speech on "Doing Business in Asia" (from left: Jonathan Lai, Nonoy Tan, Hung Ou Yang, and Peter Gabriel).