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Corporate law is one of the core practice areas of Brain Trust. For many years, Brain Trust has acquired abundant practical experience in assisting legal advice with regard to operation, commercial documentation, and corporate governance. Brain Trust has always conducted due diligence investigations with respect to the financing, equity structure, distribution rights, or rights of agency required by multinational corporations, to assist clients in controlling risks and preventing unnecessary disputes. As Brain Trust grew, the corporate and commerce sector have also become our core competency. For example, in 2017, we assisted Pharmadax in a $25 million negotiation with Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group over investment agreement issues. 


For more information regarding the recent Amendment of the Taiwanese Company Act on July 6, 2018, please click here.  


1. Long-term Legal Consultancy: Brain Trust provides corporate clients with long-term legal consultations for the purpose of clarifying legality issues during corporate governance and providing legal protection for our clients. Our current clients include multinational corporations, high-tech enterprises, start-up companies, investment companies, and manufacturing and service industries.


2. Company Incorporation and Capital Market: Brain Trust provides its clients with the most adequate and professional legal services in compliance with the company law, securities exchange law and labor law regulations:

  • Assistance in the incorporation and equity structure planning of a company            
  • Assistance in establishing a company's internal control system
  • Assistance in handling labor disputes
  • Provision of legal advice on overseas investment and financing of multinational  corporations
  • Provision of due diligence investigation, check of legal requirements and legal opinion for initial public offerings


4. Commercial Agreements: Brain Trust assists clients with preparing a wide variety of commercial agreements including, but not limited to, shareholders' and investors' agreements, distribution or agency agreements, manufacturing agreements, service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements, purchase and sale agreements, independent contractor agreements, and financing agreements. Brain Trust also assists clients in preparing and reviewing complicated agreements and documents for unique transactions that do not fit neatly into a specific agreement category. 


5. Legal Compliance: Brain Trust assists corporate and multinational enterprise clients in understanding the high standards of corporate governance and the required regulatory compliance in Taiwan and other countries, for the sake of preventing administrative fines and criminal penalties imposed by governmental authorities of Taiwan or other countries, especially US international prosecution pursuant to FCPA. In this regard, Brain Trust can assist corporate clients in conducting the internal investigation for a potential criminal or civil litigation so that corporate clients can avoid or mitigate corporate liability.


6. Mergers and Acquisitions: Brain Trust assists clients in handling transnational investments. Particularly in mergers and acquisitions completed through offshore investment in third countries, Brain Trust handles investment projects smoothly by drafting optimal agreements and providing legal advice for our clients. Global investors may check the ICLG for the Taiwanese Mergers and Acquisitions chapter here.



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