International Trade, Investment & Arbitration

Brain Trust's professional team enjoys assisting clients to leverage compliance as a way to reach success.


Brain Trust understands that entering new and foreign markets is a vital business strategy for multinational corporations. Inspired by the goal of free trade promoted by the World Trade Organization (WTO), countries are increasingly adopting the trend of negotiating bilateral, multilateral, or regional trade agreements. Although the aim of these trade agreements is to liberalize trade and protect investment, most multinational corporations still meet immediate and significant difficulties in terms of business, due to the application of complex regulations and the uncertainty of legislation in the host states. Brain Trust has a professional team ready to assist clients in handling issues of international trade and investment as well as filing for arbitration at an appropriate time on behalf of clients. Brain Trust can provide including but not limited to the following services:


1. International Trade 

  • Representing foreign entities in filing for civil proceedings in Taiwan
  • Representing foreign entities in anti-dumping investigation
  • Representing foreign entities in countervailing duty investigation
  • Other disputes in connection with WTO


For more information with regard to the sale and storage of goods in Taiwan, clients can find Brain Trust's professional views and comments on  (THOMSON REUTERS PRACTICAL LAW) here.

For more information with regard to the international trade in goods and services in Taiwan, clients can find Brain Trust's professional views and comments on  (THOMSON REUTERS PRACTICAL LAW) here.


2. International Investment - Brain Trust mainly provides clients with advices of investment in China, United States, and Australia.

  • Due diligence investigation on legal framework of investment in host countries
  • Resolution of legal conflicts between different countries
  • Assistance in the actual procedure of investment in host countries


3. Arbitration - Brain Trust can further assist clients for an arbitration held in Taiwan or other countries.

In the field of international trade and arbitration, our allies around the world are:


With respect to an arbitration held in Taiwan, provided that in an arbitration agreement there is neither appointment of an arbitrator nor a method of appointment, a third arbitrator shall be jointly designated by two arbitrators appointed by each party pursuant to Article 9 of the Arbitration Law of R.O.C. Brain Trust's attorneys are qualified Taiwanese arbitrators for our clients in arbitral tribunal.



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