Tax Services

Brain Trust can assist companies to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement in terms of tax law compliance.

Based on the strong connection between Taiwan and global economics, an investor has to pay attention to compliance costs arising from various tax laws and regulations when choosing the structure or mode of investment in Taiwan, either direct investment in Taiwan or investment in China but using Taiwan as a channel. Our professionals may help you in coping with taxes which may accompany any investment in Taiwan and provide you with tax services needed as follows:


1. Analyses and Consultations with Respect to Tax Laws and Relevant Legal Costs before Investment

Due to strong influence of tax laws and regulations may have upon the selection of structure or mode of investment, our law firm may guide you through the tax laws and relevant regulations of Taiwan, for your evaluation of potential investment; and provide analyses of taxes regarding the chosen mode of investment, for your reference in decision-making.


2. Analyses of Compliance Costs of Tax Laws in Existing Investment and Assistance

Tax laws and regulations are always the most complicated field, and the tax duties are determined by the orders and interpretations promulgated by tax authorities. Our professionals may assist you to avoid any unnecessary tax burdens, filing tax returns and taking advantage of relevant tax preferences so as to help our client in terms of proper compliance under Taiwanese tax laws.


3. Dispute Resolution Relating to Taxes

Tax disputes may arise from misunderstandings occurred between a tax collector and a taxpayer. For this kind of dispute, however, it is not always necessary to be resolved in a traditional lawsuit. That is to say, alternative dispute resolution is also available in accordance with tax collection practices before filing a lawsuit. Whenever any tax dispute arises, our firm may provide you with advice and assistance with respect to different dispute resolutions, for the purpose of resolving any dispute between a tax collector and a taxpayer in a legal way.



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